Monday, March 15, 2010

Still excited...

I know I ranted about the school in Africa yesterday, and I must say, I want to do this right. Yesterday, I started some initial research and learned about two schools that were started in Africa. There are many cautions that accompany a task like this. First of all, I want the school to be an asset to the community, so they see it as a vehicle for making their dreams come true for their children. I need a connection in Ethiopia, someone who is as passionate as my colleagues and I about education and shares a similar vision: a school that builds global relationships and allows the students to build the skills to become leaders and creators. It's so important to me to maintain the dignity of culture in the community; there's so much I have to learn.
When I travel to Addis Ababa, I think it will be vital to find that connection with a community leader, so we can build this school together. This is my prayer right now as I'm brainstorming. Steve and I learned last week that we will have to make two trips to Ethiopia to bring TJ home, and I'm now looking at this as an opportunity to reach out and accomplish this connection.
I'm so blessed to be surrounded my so many amazing people. Thanks for all of your words of encouragement. As I said to one of my colleagues over lunch, who looked at me like I'm crazy when I shared my idea with him, it may take me until we're in wheel chairs, but I know this can be done.
Continuing the research and the brainstorming; send any ideas my way!

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