Sunday, March 28, 2010

Have you Found your "Muchness"?

At first glance, the word, "muchness" looks much like munchiness (if that's even a word), but they are quite different for obvious reasons. A great friend and I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Amidst its dark and quirky tones, as only Tim Burton can create, was a message that our 21st Century women and girls need to hear: Have you found your "muchness"?
I am not what some would call an ultra feminist, but I am all for empowering people, gender not being a qualifier, to be bold and use your gifts.
What one needs to understand is that this looks different for different people. Unfortunately, I myself have been judged by those even in my own family that I have not embraced my own "muchness" because I am married with a child (and one on the way), and live in the suburbs; this is too conventional for their taste. My rebuttal lies here: if you knew me intimately, you would know that I live my "muchness" every single day. Those who know me professionally know that I do not settle for mediocrity in my career, in my students, and attempt to be a source of motivation and huge, obnoxious laughter among my colleagues. Those who know me personally know that my choice to marry and have a family is by all means the biggest risk I could take as an individual; I do not come from a stable family. The "muchness" for me came in the form of faith in my God and faith in me to be able to be a stable life partner and mommy. Those who know me as a friend, know that I am honest and to not ask a question that you're not prepared to hear a straight forward answer to; you may not always like me as your friend, but hopefully you know that there is always love there.
I have many friends and family living out their "muchness," slaying jabberwockies everyday, stepping out on their own volition to be the champion (the life long friend whom I saw this movie with was a wonderful example!). In some contexts, these champions can make you feel a bit awkward, scared, and insecure. But I must say this: do not be afraid of them; allow their "muchness" to be contagious and inspiring, and I promise that it will be the greatest risk you will ever take.
This world could use more "muchness." So, my charge to you today is to embrace it or take the journey to find it. You won't regret it.

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