Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Couldn't Tell You...

I find it so interesting that my students have such a strong opinion on political matters, especially since I doubt they watch the news extensively or read the newspaper of their own volition. The controversial health care has ensued odd, off hand remarks from my sage 8th graders. In return, I often ask where they have heard their research to oppose or support such strong opinions, and they honestly couldn't tell me a darned thing. Bless their hearts.
Like Sherlock Holmes, my investigation leads me to the root of their opinions, and it's almost always their parents. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there is talk about it over the dinner table. I can truly appreciate the discourse, but I wonder if there's any room for an opposite point of view. I wish I had the youtube video of a kid dishing back research and evidence to their shocked mom and dad, and asking them to ponder that.
When my students ask me how I stand on a particular issue, especially one like the health care controversy, my standard reply is:
I don't belong to a political party, and honestly, I don't know enough to share a strong point of view about it; I haven't done enough research yet.
My kids either make an inference where my opinion truly lies or stares at me in silence. I then offer names of journalists whom I respect or places to gather research. I wonder if one of them will take me up on it. I think that would be awesome. For now, I couldn't tell you where I stand with health care; sorry.

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