Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome to my World

While at church this morning, my husband and I were in full-on worship, holding hands, eyes closed, and absolutely focused on our purpose for being there. Suddenly, I hear a little shuffling in the row in front of us. With the distraction, I peek my right open just a sliver to find the couple in front of me viewing youtube videos on their iPhone.
I'm thinking to myself, are you on crack? You're in row three, dude. You can't do that.
Honestly, it doesn't matter what row you're in; it was just flat out messed up. I am the last person who would shame-shame someone in church, but I was tempted; I'm not gonna lie.
It brought me back to a time about five years ago when my husband and I, again, were at church and my arm was around my husband's shoulders. I inadvertently scratched his neck a little, and this woman, who was a bit older and seated behind us, tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to not do that because I was distracting her from worship. Ok, I was a little put off. It was absolutely one of those awkward moments in my life that left me scarred. Let's put it this way, I vowed to never become that woman in church.
Coming full circle, there I was this morning. I was "that lady" in my mind. I refrained with all of the power of Jesus to say something to this couple, but oh, how I wanted to.
I'm wondering where is the line? Is the line moving? I don't want to become "behind the times," but isn't there a time when we just gotta tell it like it is? So, I'm gonna say it, it's not ok to watch youtube videos in church. I'm putting my foot down, and I'm taking a stand. Even a technology lover like myself is saying no. No, you cannot bring your iPhone into church to entertain yourself. The answer is just no.
I apologize if I'm sounding like the lady who "accosted" me in church, but geez, some things have got to stay sacred.