Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Ode" to 10 years of Marriage

On March 10th, 2000, Steve and I were married in Florida in front of wonderful friends and family. Today, I just want to share some memories of our relationship!
1. Our first date was a double date w/ close friends, Jim and Shantel, to Universal Studios down in Florida. I was so nervous, but we were having a fantastic time. He was as goofy as me, so we laughed a lot. We proceeded to go on the Back to the Future ride, which was my demise. I ended up puking after the ride, but after hurling my Mexican Food, Steve said to me, "you're so beautiful." I don't care if there was a string of vomit still hanging from my mouth and sweat pouring down my cheek, it was delivered with such genuineness and kindness, how could he not be the one?
2. We bonded over an obscure band called The Sundays and their incredible song, "Wild Horses."
3. He cried with me when I told him some of my hardest memories and experiences and held my hand through that whole difficult time.
4. His proposal incorporated great friends, Flashdance (my favorite movie of all time), and a movie theater.
5. Upon the news that we were indeed pregnant at the ob/gyn's office, Steve took a lap around the outside of the doctor's office. Ha ha! (Alex was unplanned but SO meant to be!)
6. Purchasing our first home was extremely memorable. Growing up, I never lived in a home that we owned. We didn't have much and didn't have the money to purchase a home. It was a big deal for us.
7. While we were dating, Steve and I decided to spend the holidays with one another's families. I took my first trip to Indianapolis, and he took his first to New York. We spent a few days in the city in a friend's loft apartment, saw Rent, watched the ball drop, visited many record/music stores, walked around the village while freezing our butts off, and just had an awesome time. Steve always recalls that's when he knew he loved me.
8. Charleston, South Carolina. I love this place. We packed up with a bunch of our married friends while we were the sole dating couple in the pack. Ergo, we got the blow up mattress in the middle of the living room, but we didn't care. I discovered that Steve was the crappiest sleeper on earth during this trip. I awoke in the middle of a random night to find him standing over me with a pillow. In shock and awe, I froze, and he proceeded to settle himself into a more comfortable sleeping position. Needless to say, Steve doesn't remember this. This was also the trip where Steve asked me in the Wendy's parking lot to "go steady." How hot is that?
9. Bringing our dog Charlie home was totally random. We stopped at Target on the way to church to pick up Mother's Day cards. Next to Target was Pet Smart and they had the irresistible crate o' puppies out in the front. Of course we stopped. Charlie was the only sleeping dog in the bunch, and she had the cutest white spot on her nose. I knew she was mine. I wouldn't put her down and asked Steve, "Can we do this?" Well, we've done it for almost 9 years. She's our first baby. I love this freaking dog.
10. Moving to Indianapolis was a huge event for us. This required moving in with my in laws for a year while our home was being built. Finding a school for Alex, new jobs, new friends, new church, new everything. I still feel like we're finding ourselves in Indiana, but it's not boring, I'll tell ya that!
11. We're bringing home TJ. We are now in the process of adopting our son from Ethiopia, and it has been a huge decision and process for us. We're currently on the waitlist and hope to travel some time within the year. We love this little guy so much, and we haven't even gotten his referral yet. Just as Alex was meant to be so is TJ. God had this planned all along.

Thank You, Jesus, for this incredible man and life.

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