Monday, March 22, 2010

R.I.P. to my Google Adsense Account

I hate it when people are right. My pal at school told me that google adsense would disable my account, and they did. Ergo, I took the day off from my blog yesterday to mourn my vacation money. Oh well, at least I tried. If you're wondering, it is true; Google Adsense will shut down your account if they feel you clicked one too many times from your own computer.
The good news is that I still really like this blog. I have enjoyed getting my thoughts down and sharing them with you!
So, for fun, I brainstormed a few ideas to make some extra money. Here goes:
I tried being a Mary Kay lady once, but apparently it helps if you like make up. I don't think lip gloss is enough. Therefore, I thought of anything with direct sales, and then I realized that every "party" I've ever thrown, I ended up at a loss because I spent more on snacks, drinks, and simply making the house pretty, on top of all the product I end up purchasing. If I even think about direct sales again, my husband will kill me.
Become a Jazzercise Instructor. Well, this would mean that I have to actually go to Jazzercise, which I've been horrible at since Christmas. Also, who wants to look at my big butt bouncy-ouncying around. I don't think I would be a very convincing or motivating exercising instructor.
Last but not least, summer school. At least I thought ahead enough to put in an application last week. I have never taught summer school, especially since Alex and finishing my master's degree last spring. We'll see what happens. I would look forward to the opportunity; in fact, it could be fun. I love crazy children.

If you have any great ideas, send them my way!
Thanks so much!


  1. I have friends who are planning a 10 year anniversary trip on spare change. They have collected all their spare change for the last 5 years in containers that they don't open just kept putting it in a closet, and now they are planning a trip to Ireland this summer!

    And just for the record I think you would make an awesome Jazzercise teacher!