Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Now a Texting Queen

Thanks to my new iPhone, I'm now a texting queen. I didn't even know I would like to text that much. A week ago, I would have dreaded getting a text on my outdated phone. I would be forced to press the stupid #2 three times just to achieve a "C." It's simply a click now.
It reminds me of what it was like making the switch from a rotary to a push button. It was so cool to bring those fabulous 12 buttons in our home. Eventually, it became retro awesome to bring back the rotary phone into our homes. Steve and I actually bought a Pottery Barn rotary phone when we first got married. It got old though, and we grew tired of its quaintness. I wonder if our old flip phones will become retro fabulous too. Like most fads, it will be short lived, I'm sure.
For now, I'm savoring in the love it no longer being a chore to share my thoughts with friends. I'm actually looking for something to text; kind of pathetic. I hate phones in general; I'm a self proclaimed horrible phone conversationalist, so this seems to have allowed me to hold actual phone calls at an arms length a bit longer.
Oh, beautiful advancement of technology, thank you for my iPhone.

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