Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Housewives: Whatever.

Watching any Housewives show on BRAVO is like watching a train wreck, and I must iterate one thing, especially pertaining to the Orange County Housewives...
Geez, I wish they would use this opportunity to bring awareness and/or raise money for a cause. It's like they have everything they could possibly want in the context of the rest of America, and they do nothing except drink too much wine, shop excessively, work out like crazy people, and worry about how they look. Scary. They have the an amazing chance to lift up and be a part of something that's bigger and needier than they. It's just kind of sad to me. It shows what's truly in their hearts, and I think that's messed up.
I wonder how many affluent people are sitting in their lifestyles and doing the same they are...nothing for anyone else.
By the way, it doesn't really mean anything to say that you work hard at being a stay at home mom if you have a full time nanny. Sorry, that's not what most hard working stay at home moms call work. I have friends who are amazing stay at home moms, and trust me, they don't have full time nannies. So, don't tell me you work hard.
I will say that the New York Housewives at least do things for charity and use the show to promote that. The Atlanta Housewives try. The Orange County Housewives have serious problems. It is what it is.

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