Thursday, June 23, 2011

Momma's Boy

Being a mommy has its perks.  Tonight was definitely one of those defining moments.  I met a few of my pals at the Fort Grille for cheesecake this evening.  I dutifully left Steve with Jesse's set up:  towel in place for after his bath, lotion ready, pjs laid out, bottle made and ready to go.  Since Jesse Getiso has been home, we've definitely fallen into a routine at night:
5pm: dinner
5:30-6:15:  play
6:30: bath
7pm:  bottle and bed

It's been like clockwork.  Our little guy dutifully falls asleep while drinking his bottle and curls up in his crib, no questions asked.  Tonight, I walked into the house at 8:25 pretty much expecting my boy to be out like a light and Alex getting ready for bed.  Uh, nope.
I came in through the garage, entered the living room with Alex drinking a huge glass of Diet Coke (yes, caffeinated), and Steve sprawled on the floor with Jesse's toys all over the place with Jesse sitting straight up watching Nickelodeon.
Apparently I missed the text, while I was laughing like a hyena with my friends over yummy cheesecake for a stolen hour, that stated:  Jesse pooped so far up his back that it's in his hair.  Whoops.
Anyway, I enter the living room, see the madness that erupted, and say, "Jesse Getiso."  My handsome boy looks up at me, literally claps his hands once (as if saying, "finally!), and lifts his arms up to me.  I picked up my beautiful bundle and within 60 seconds of debriefing with Steve, he falls asleep in my arms.
Steve looked at him and said, "he was definitely waiting for you."
I love my little man so much.
On the other side, my Alex was up last night vomiting while Jesse decided to have a two hour play time at 2 am. Juggling that was a new experience on many levels, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Alex, thankfully yet humorously, woke up this morning wanting a chocolate muffin.  It's crazy how kids bounce back from things like an all night vomiting stint.
Jesse had his first doctor's visit today, and he weighed and measured in the 85th percentile; how's that for representin' Ethiopia?!!!!  It goes to show how much love and care he received at Hannah's Hope.  I'm so thankful!  We're still working on his ear infection, but the doctor said he looked healthy and on target developmentally.  Yay!!!
Again, my gratitude to God is more than words can say.  As my baby boy snoozes in his crib and my daughter attempts to negotiate one more show before she has to go to bed against her wishes, I am SO thankful to be this mommy to my beautiful children.  Amen.

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