Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food is My Friend

So, my husband sometimes refers to himself as the Baby Whisperer.  Ok.  In some situations, he's got a gift, I'm not gonna lie.  When it comes to food, I don't believe he has the whisper.
We started solids as soon as we got home from Ethiopia last week and soon found that our chunky boy is not too keen on eating them.  He will projectile spit them across the kitchen to show his absolute aversion for anything on a spoon.  He will literally spit anything from oatmeal to applesauce and then laugh.  Yes, it sounds like a game, doesn't it?
Steve decided to try one of his baby whisperer techniques this evening while sitting down to dinner:  just give him the spoon and the dish of food.  Steve called this particular baby technique, "Food is my friend."  His theory was that if he was able to play with his food he wouldn't feel the need to spit it across the dinner table.    Personally, I was not a supporter of this bright idea, but what could I say?  This is our second child; I don't feel the fear of "Oh my gosh, you can't do that!"  What resulted was exactly what I expected:  a big, freaking mess.
Ya know, it was worth the laugh.  It made dinner a bit more exciting.  The clean up was insane, but how could you not love that face?
We went back down memory lane with Alex and what a messy eater she was (and still is).  The difference with her is that she LOVED everything we put in front of her and still does.  So, we may have a picky eater on our hands.  He won't be the only child who's not particularly fond of spinach and peas.  It's all good.
I just love my babies so much and love their funny similarities and differences.  It's wonderful to have two kiddos at the dinner table to talk and laugh with.  I can't wait for more moments like these.  What a blessing!

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