Monday, May 3, 2010

What the Typical Teacher Finds Funny During The Last Few Weeks of School

I know it's crude, but I must share what a teacher finds funny during the last few weeks of school. We are unreasonably giddy from all the hard work we put in all year, and see the most ordinary things incredibly hysterical. After school, my colleague, Rachel and I scoured her classroom as we were observing the organized storm left from the end of the day. Don't freak out too much as you view the photos; our kids are working on the coolest science experiment, which we simply call, "Rube Goldberg," creatively named after the scientist, "Rube Goldberg" who created this experiment. Just so you know, the kids bring in everyday objects and have to make something happen with energy. Only a science teacher could explain it. I'm only an english teacher, so I'll have to contribute are witty comments. Welcome to our world...

This one I call crack whore Barbie and her hussy friend Dora.

Wanna be pimpin' Barbie taking a ride in her Batmobile.

Death by a pink dolly stroller #1

Death by a pink dolly stroller #2 (the close up)

Polly Pocket Orgie

Last but not least, why is there a rubby ducky on a boat?

Have a great day!

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