Sunday, January 22, 2012

When God moves so should we!

Hey friends!  I am always so moved when I see people, especially friends, who have heard a call on their hearts and bravely walk forward in faith, obeying Him.  My friends, Dan and Christi, are the perfect example of this.
I met Dan and Christi on our first trip to Ethiopia; we were both meeting our beautiful boys for the first time and going to court together.  Our boys were room mates at Hannah's Hope in what we call the "turtle room," hence the big turtles painted on the walls.  Along with another family whose little man rounded out the trio in the turtle room, we undoubtedly named our boys, "the turtle boys."
Dan and Christi, now home with Malakai and expecting their second baby, have felt the strong call to do missions work in Guatemala.  I'm absolutely thrilled for them, but I know they need lots of prayers and a few donations wouldn't hurt either!
I would love for you to visit their blog to get more information on what God has called them to do. I'm so thrilled to see what God is calling them to do and how He's working!

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