Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Missing Ethiopia

The turtle room where Jesse roomed with Aweke and Hailu!

Jesse's crib in the turtle room
Love the special mothers!


Our hotel; the most awesome hotel ever!  We loved the people there!

Street images

Daddy holding Jesse on day 2 during nap time
Gate into Hannah's Hope in Addis Ababa

First of all, I didn't do a very good job uploading and placing these pics, so bare with me...
As I was trolling on facebook during naptime on Sunday, I came across a fellow adoptive family's photos from Ethiopia.  I just started crying.  Seeing the pictures of the gate to Hannah's Hope just took my breath away.  Every time I walked through that single door, my heart fluttered.
We saw so much, and I know we didn't even scratch the surface, I just felt like a piece of myself was left there.  In a way, I think this is good.  I want my son to know that his mommy has a connection there.  So, Lord willing, I'll get to go back.  Here are some more images that we captured (btw, these aren't very good; most were taken from the van window!)
I never laughed or cried so much in my life.  I love this place and all of the memories that I have there, some painful (saying goodbye to TJ), some of the most joyous (holding Jesse), and some of the most fun (eating french fries at the Riviera at every meal with our wonderful friends and riding in the van sleep deprived and giddy!).  Can't wait to go back ;)
going into the baby house at HH for the 1st time

holding Jesse Getiso for the first time

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  1. I can't wait to go back either!I don't think it is possible to be in Ethiopia and not fall in love. While parts of our hearts will always remain, we were able to bring some of the best parts of Ethiopia home with us, your little guy and our baby girl.