Friday, July 15, 2011

I Can't help telling you this story...

Ok, so I knew that I would receive a "look" every now and then.  I mean, people are curious.  They see this white mama with this black baby, and they wonder.  I get it.  There are so many options.
This past Saturday, I had this little girl just get down and dirty and ask me exactly what she wanted to know.  Steve and I took Alex, her friend Elizabeth, and Jesse to the mall to get a quick bite to eat.  We ended up at the Lego Store for a few minutes, and it was packed with kiddos putting together Harry Potter wands.
This little girl took one look at me with Jesse in his baby carrier, and the conversation went like this:
"Is that your baby?"  the little girl questioned.
"Yup,"  I answered with a smile on my face.
"He came from you?"
"No, he was adopted," I replied politely.
"You breastfeed him?"  she inquired further.
"No, he takes a bottle."
"Oh," she satisfyingly responded.
At this point, Alex walks over, as she sees that I'm engaged in a conversation with a girl around her age, curious about the point of discussion.
Alex enters, "Hi.  That's my brother.  He's adopted from Ethiopia."
The girl addresses Alex, "Oh."
"Yeah, he just came home from Africa a few weeks ago," Alex adds.
With an epiphany, the girl questions, "Your baby is an African baby?"
"Yeah," Alex says.
Now, Elizabeth walks over and joins in.
The little girl asks, "Why didn't you adopt her?"
"Well, she has a mommy and daddy, so she doesn't need to be adopted."
I must tell you, this is EXACTLY how the conversation went.  I couldn't make this up if I tried.  It's one of those conversations I don't think I'll forget.  It was so honest.  I appreciated her fearlessness in asking exactly what was on her mind.  It was perfect, but I was also relieved to have to go and give Jesse a bottle.  I'm afraid what other questions she may have had for me!  Kids are awesome.

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