Monday, April 12, 2010

Why I Love Being an English Teacher

What an amazing first day back from spring break; I'll take this kind of a day any time!
My day began with book talks which was my privilege to listen to. Eric discussed his experience with City of Thieves, and shared a laugh over how the main character seemed to unrealistically live through situations like a cat with nine lives. Umaymah discussed The Kite Runner, and I was so impressed with her choice of passage to read aloud; it was the part about the kite flying day and connected the passage to how the main character did not have the courage to use his voice to help Hassan, his best friend and brother.
We continued with a discussion of identity and what makes up an identity. It was so powerful to hear my thirteen year old grasshoppers say that they felt their identity but was afraid to step forward sometimes because they weren't able to control other's reactions.
It's days like this that I feel the rays of blessing shine on my heart. This is what it's about. This is teaching on a fantastic, unexpected day. You gotta soak these moments in.

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